I’m a marketing communications
consultant, copywriter and coach.

I have worked with some very large organisations, but generally like to work with small to medium sized organisations that have a hunger for growth, that recognise the need to invest wisely in marketing, and that perhaps lack the in-house skills and expertise to carry out what’s required.

That means I spend most of my time doing one or other of the following:

Coaching and workshops
Over the years I’ve developed a few tried and tested methods of helping others to achieve what needs to be done. I can hold workshops for your key staff to develop their understanding and skills in the following core areas:

  • “What Makes a Powerful Brand?” – The 10 most important aspects of brand development. A look at key considerations, and how to pull it all together effectively. Well suited to all levels of staff, marketing or otherwise.
  • “Marcomms for Dummies” – A broad grounding in what marketing communications can achieve, what different disciplines are involved and how to execute effective, integrated marketing campaigns. Well suited to those new to the marketing sector.
  • “The Psychology of Communications” – Understanding how people tick and what makes communications more compelling. The top 5 tips to ensuring your communications are relevant and effective. Well suited to senior staff and marketing personnel.
  • “Mind your Language” – The importance of language in supporting a brand positioning. What to say, and what not to say. The tricks to getting the tone of voice right for an audience, and developing the best copywriting methods. On the page and on-screen. Well suited to marketing personnel or agency writers.

Copywriting and message development
I often work alongside (or overseeing) designers and art directors in developing the messages and copy for a piece of work. I’ve written communications for the telecoms, financial services, food and beverages, leisure and technology sectors, across literature and packaging, point-of-sale materials, advertising and website content. You name it, I’ve probably written it.
Marketing Manager/Non-Exec Marketing Director placements
I can join your team on a temporary or part-time contract if required, to fill in for an absentee or to get the role up and running before a full-time Marketing Manager or Marketing Director is appointed. My main areas of expertise are:

  • Brand development – Establishing a brand positioning that differentiates you. Developing a robust brand strategy and managing the process of delivering the visual assets, internal culture and communications required.
  • Message development – Identifying the key differentiators between your own business and your competitors, recognising and understanding the market sectors that are to be targeted, and creating a message hierarchy that can help the business ensure the most important things are always said, most effectively. Ongoing social media blogging as required.
  • Agency management – If required, overseeing the out-sourced production of printed marketing collateral or advertising, managing the creative and production processes involved. Overseeing the design and production of your website or microsites, managing ongoing alterations and updates.
  • Content strategy – Maximising your website’s effectiveness with better planned, relevant content, delivered in the most appropriate way to appeal to your site visitors.
  • Email marketing – Making the most of your customer database with the management of cost-effective, trackable email marketing campaigns, either in-house or with agency support.
  • Social media – Broadening your audience with well planned, compelling social media activity and blogging.

I get a lot of my kicks being creative, but I’m equally at home working as a part-time Marketing Manager/Director or freelance Content Strategist. So if you’re after a one-stop shop, that’s fine. If you’re just looking for a quick and efficient freelance copywriter, that’s fine too.

To discuss your thoughts, please call me on 07737 522179. Alternatively drop me an email at david@ideaswordsandpictures.co.uk.