Having the best product or service is
pointless if nobody knows about it.

A piece-meal approach to your marketing communications will be of no use either. If you want your customers to realise how brilliant you are, you need to communicate it properly, and consistently.

Marketing communications are critical in achieving the full potential of any business, and with the right coaching and guidance, I can help your business to reach its own potential.

With over 27 years in the marketing sector – and more than 20 years’ under my belt as owner of a UK Top 50 design and marketing consultancy – I’ve helped to forge the business successes of some of the UK’s most prominent brands. I’ve educated and informed customers about mobile phones, watches, insurance policies, sheepskin clothing and chicken meals for one. Plus a host of other things along the way.

Today, I am a freelance marketing communications consultant, copywriter and coach. I typically work on part-time contracts but am equally at home with ad hoc freelance writing and coaching projects. If you’ve a communications conundrum and the ambition to get it right, or simply a paragraph that needs an experienced head to look at it for you, call me on 07737 522179 or send me a message.


David Merrifield

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